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The Ultimate TikTok Ads To Fuel Your Creative Strategy

TikTok Ad Overview

1. Vessi

Vessi is an awesome footwear brand based in Canada. They only started recently and are quickly approaching 200,000 followers (profile here). How have they grown so fast? Giveaways. They’re employing a unique duet giveaway strategy to generate UGC, followers, and revenue. Check out an example below!

2. Spikeball

For those of you who don’t know Spikeball, they describe themselves as if volleyball and foursquare had a baby. It’s an incredibly fun game. They have over 700,000 followers, over 13 million likes, and over 100 million views. How have they grown so quickly? Capitalizing on trends, creating platform-specific content, and knowing their audience and how that overlaps with TikTok’s core demographic. Check out their TikTok profile here and some videos below.

3. Chipotle

Chipotle is also quite new to TikTok, but has been doing very well so far. They also have one of the best TikTok bios we’ve seen – “Less Tok, More Guac”. They’re consistent, which is also very important on the platform. Over Halloween they did a #boorito campaign that got over 4 billion views on the platform. Below is an example of two of their videos. The first one is pretty creative and acts as if the chips are singing along with Adele. And here is their profile.

4. Elf Cosmetics

Elf Cosmetics has been doing an INCREDIBLE job on TikTok thus far. Brands – take note. Elf actually commissioned a song specifically for a TikTok campaign. The song, which takes inspiration from Kash Doll’s 2018 hit “Ice Me Out” and is called “Eyes Lips Face” after the brand name’s acronym, is believed to be the first original song commissioned for a TikTok campaign. The brand then worked with a few influencers to initially kick it off, and the results from there have been mind-blowing. Click here to see the quantity of videos that have used the #eyeslipsface hashtag. The current count at the time of this posting is over 3.8 BILLION! Want to do a campaign like this?! Relatively minimal investment is needed to achieve these results (although it’s not always going to be repeatable). Interested? Contact us today!

5. Guess

Already amassing +38k followers, Guess Jeans also is one of the only fashion brands we could find on the platform. A big miss by their competitors. Guess’ content is good. They did partner with TikTok to run a challenge on the platform using the #InMyDenim hashtag, with good success. Check this link. It shows all videos from Guess’ sponsored #InMyDenim challenge. The videos have over 38 million views. Here’s their TikTok profile. There’s a few video examples below, with the first being an entry from the #InMyDenim hashtag challenge.


6. NBA

The NBA was one of TikTok’s early adopters (disclosure: another client of ours). They consistently put out great content on the platform, also on trend. They’ve racked up a whopping 5.5 million fans on the app, by far the most we’ve seen from any brand. They keep things pretty funny, which definitely helps. This is very smart. Want NBA highlights? Go to Instagram. Want NBA news? Go to Twitter. Want NBA comedy, memes, and motivation? Go to TikTok. Here is their profile. Below are some video examples.

7. The Washington Post

For a newspaper, The Washington Post is actually doing a great job on TikTok. Check out their profile here. They usually post funny, engaging videos.

8. NFL

The NFL just barely launched their channel, and they’ve come out very strong. Consistent videos, native to the platform, engaging content. Extremely well done. It’s paid dividends too. Almost 1 million followers already. Here is a link to their profile. Below are some video examples from them.

9. HP

HP has enlisted some big TikTok influencers like @averycyrus to help kick off popular hashtags such as #HPRadicalReuse.

10. Gymshark

Gymshark has been doing a great job on TikTok so far. They have +1 million fans and have been posting consistent, quality videos for a while now. They post a good combination of workout videos, workout memes, and inspiration. Check out some examples below.

11. San Diego Zoo

Who doesn’t love cute animals?! The San Diego Zoo only started posting a few months ago (a common theme as you’ve seen), but their videos are great. A baby red panda? Can’t beat that. We can't take it! :)

12. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has been on TikTok for about six months now. They’ve produced 13 videos. None particularly engaging or unique to the platform. I’d honestly be surprised if they’ve spent more than 3 hours on the account. But from that small time investment, they’ve 4,000 fans and have about 100,000 views.

13. Fortnite

Fortnite just joined TikTok and came out strong with over 1 million followers. Their launch campaign was genius – they invited TikTok users to their #EmoteRoyaleContest which challenged people to create dances that could then be turned in to official emotes on Fortnite game characters. That hashtag has been used over 250 million times. Check out some examples below.

14. Boohoo

Boohoo is an apparel brand focused on Gen Z and young Millennials. They recently created a dance challenge with a custom song for TikTok, using the hashtag #itsfromboohoo. They’ve enlisted a variety of popular influencers on the platform and the campaign has almost 100 million views. Recently, Boohoo started to partner with influencers from known popular TV show, Love Island.

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